C130 ICO

What's the C130 ?

It is the platform that supports airdrop.

Until now, issuers of virtual currencies had to write their own scripts to do Airdrop.

It solves this problem.

In C130, just enter the necessary information and press the button to complete Airdrop.

Although it costs a fee to use it, the holder of C130 Token can receive a discount.

More information, please read the whitepaper from here.

Bitcointalk topic is here.

Telegram group is here.

Official Twitter account is here.

How to get it ?

C130 Token is based on ERC-20. so, Please transfer Ethereum to Contract Address.

Rate and Supply

If you transfer 1 ETH, you will get 1000 C130.

Total supply is 250000. so, Sum of all C130 Token will be equivalent 250 ETH.


C130 Token will be sent to the address used for transfer. so, Please use a wallet that support ERC-20 Tokens. For example, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask.

Contract Address



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